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May 28, 2012
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Without Her

Looking down at his gun, Linkara was speechless. What did he do? WHAT DID HE DO!? Linkara rubbed his fingers over the gun and blinked again. He wasn't worried about not having the weapon anymore. He was worried about her.

The Sprit of the magic gun. The little girl who never got to heaven. The little girl who depended on him. They were bonded by heart and soul. The two were never allowed to be split. Linkara knew why they could never be split. Linkara then gasped, clasping a hand over his mouth.

He also clutched his chest, a strong pain beginning to consume him. Dizziness coming over him very quickly, he fell to his knees and then coughed up blood. " Information! This unit has detected that Linkara is injured.", Nimue's voice boomed. Linkara could barely make out what Nimue was saying now, he heard his name and the word unit.

He opened his mouth to say her name but he just coughed up more blood in return. He felt as if he could fully fall to the floor. He placed his hands on the floor and then coughed up more blood. His mind hazy and hearing way off, he fell to his side.

" Kid! Kid!", Harvey yelled.

Pollo hovered in and scanned over the area. " Someone came in here earlier.", Pollo stated.

" Kid!", Harvey yelled.

" It appears he had a magic gun of his own.", Pollo reported.

" What!?", Harvey gasped.

Pollo hovered over to Linkara and then saw Harvey's distress. Linkara had started seizing. " What's wrong with him?", Harvey yelled to Pollo.

" Nimue! Beam us up to medical bay!", Pollo stated.

Once on the medical bay, Harvey laid Linkara down onto a table as Linkara kept on seizing, more blood running down his chin. " He has never had seizures in the past!", Pollo stated.

" Nimue! Do something!", Harvey said, looking through the medicine cabinet.

" information! Linkara will soon stop breathing if this goes on.", Nimue reported.

" I know that!", Harvey shouted back.

Pollo hovered to Linkara's side and scanned over him. " He has been disconnected from the sprit.", Pollo stated.

" Which means he's dying.", Harvey sighed.

" Without her, his magic dies at a rapid rate and magic runs through his veins and without it he'll die.", Pollo stated.

" There's nothing here to help him!", Harvey stated.

Harvey rushed over to Linkara and noted Linkara was still seizing. " Pollo! Do something!", Harvey yelled.

" There is nothing I can do!", Pollo stated.

The two looked down at Linkara as the seizing stopped and Linkara's eyes shut. Harvey fell to his knees, burring his head onto the bed and crying. Pollo looked Linkara over, not understanding what to do now without him.


Linkara looked around, he was standing in a white room now. Was he dead? Was this heaven? What happened? ' Linkara.', A voice whispered.

Linkara looked around, confused. He suddenly felt a calming presence as a hand grabbed his pants legs. He looked down to see the sprit.

' I am no longer with you, that is true. But I will find you.', She whispered. Linkara blinked at her, some tears forming now.

' Don't cry. I'm not lost and I'm not gone. You are my partner and friend. You always will be.', The Sprit smiled.

Linkara sniffed a bit as he cried some more. ' It's not your fault, trust me Lewis. I will always be by your side no matter what. Even if I am taken from your heart and soul. I will always follow you. Until the end of time.', The Sprit told him, hugging his torso now.

Linkara wished he could hug her back, as more tears rolled down his face. ' I will be here by your side. Even if you can't sense me. I will watch over you and I know you'll find me again. Because you promised to protect me and I promised to never leave you.', The Sprit whispered.

Linkara nodded slowly and sniffed again. ' You mustn't die Linkara.' Sprit whispered.


As Harvey kept on crying softly, Linkara slowly place his hand on his shoulder. His eyes now open, but they were sad and broken.

Harvey looked up at him and hugged him. Pollo spinning around in happiness. Linkara looked down as the two rejoiced. He knew some things now. He was never alone. He would make it and save her.

And to never get that cocky again. He said nothing as a tear rolled down his face, missing her so much now.

( The End!)
Ok, I know I said I wasn't going to write fics until I got my laptop back. But after watching the new Atop the fourth wall episode. I couldn't resist! X.X So I wrote this sad little fic. :)
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disneydamsel98 Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i have a theory on the dissapearance of the spirit of the magic gun: what if it was the presence of 2 maic guns in one demention and one room and shooting that caused linkara's magic to stop working, we don't know if the same is happening to the other gunslinger or how to fix it, its just my theory on how it happend, great fic tho!!
GracefulWitch Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. :)
disneydamsel98 Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
about the dissapearance of the spirit of the magic gun i have a theory... what if it was the presence of two magic guns that caused linkara's magic to stop working we don't know if the gunslinger is having the same problem or how to fix it thats just my theory on what happpend, great fic tho
Nice story. Linkara's new arc seems intriguing, what with his trusty fire-arm running outta
juice and the appearance of a rival magic gunslinger.
Awwwww, that was such a sweet and beautiful fic.

I really do hope nothing bad has happened to the magic gun girl and that they can reunite her and Linkara again. But I guess we will just have to see in the next episode won't we?

Good job
GracefulWitch May 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks. Glad you like it. It's not that great though, lol.
I think its good. I will add you on my watch list of fav artists :)
GracefulWitch Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Really? Thanks. :)
Jyger85 May 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh, I LOVE THIS! And I can't believe you managed to get it out so quickly! My fics usually require SO much more thought and effort!
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