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May 6, 2012
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Hiding the Pain Chapter 5

After three days of Snob staying at the Walker home, things seemed to be pretty normal for Critic again. He was calmer, and got some rest. However, one evening Rob had to go out to the store.

Leaving Critic and Snob at the home alone. Snob was currently in his room reading a book and Critic was in his room. Critic had his back to the wall, looking into nothing. His thoughts were dazed as he heard a voice whisper to him.

" Are you really going to ignore me?", Mati sighed.

Critic's eyes widened n horror as he glanced to his side. Mati was leaning against the wall, burn marks on his skin. " You didn't think I'd forget you?", Mati smiled.

Critic didn't know how to respond this time. He could scream or yell. But with Snob here, it would seem odd. " You seem to be good friends with Cinema Snob, considering that you banished him and all.", Mati sighed.

" That was a long time ago.", Critic stated.

" Some people can't get over the past.", Mati shrugged.

" Snob doesn't hate me.", Critic replied. " I doubt that.", Mati teased.

" Snob is my friend!", Critic yelled.

Critic got away from the wall and backed up. Mati followed him slowly but creepily. Critic felt around for the door and quickly opened it. He wasn't sure what caused him to back away from Mati.

He just did for some reason. He backed into the hallway, unsure of where he was going. Finally Critic stopped shortly feeling his footing a bit off for some reason. " What are you doing?", Critic whispered.

Mati laughed and then Critic saw Roger instead of Mati. " If you go! Everyone will be at peace!", Roger and Mati echoed.

Critic then lost his footing and not because of his legs giving out. He in fact had fallen down the stairs.

Critic shrieked as he rolled down the stairs in pain. He landed with a hard thud on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. As Critic slowly looked up he saw Roger and Mati glaring down at him with happiness.

Critic heard a low ringing in his ears as he swore he heard Snob shout his name. Before Critic could tell what was going on, he was plunged into darkness.


As soon as Critic heard voices, he knew something was up. The voices sounded worried and upset. He couldn't quite make  them out but they sounded friendly. " How did this happen?", A older voice sighed.

" I'm not sure, I told him laying at the bottom of the stairs.", Another voice explained.

  Stairs? Did he fall? " Why would Critic fall down stairs? He isn't that clumsy!", The older voice stated.

" Well he said something before he blacked out.", Another voice told the older voice.

As Critic began to come to he knew the voices were Rob and Snob. He blinked a bit before his vision cleared up.

He saw that he was in his room in his bed. He looked over at Rob, and slowly moved his arm. The two hadn't noticed Critic was awake yet.

Critic wasn't sure what this feeling was, but he knew he needed his older brother and he needed him now. He slowly moved his fingertips to touch Rob's hand.

Rob turned his head and saw Critic looking at him. " He's awake.", Rob gasped. Snob turned around too, the two getting near to him.'

" Hey you ok?", Snob asked. " I think so. What happened?", Critic asked.

" Well Snob said you fell down the stairs.", Rob explained. " I did?", Critic questioned.

" Yeah, you look a nasty fall.", Snob smiled slightly. " Oh…", Critic whispered.

" You're lucky you didn't bust your head open.", Snob sighed.

" You got some burses, but other than that you're fine.", Rob told him.

" Ok.", Critic whispered.

Everyone was silent for a while until Rob spoke. " Critic, do you know a guy named Roger?", Rob asked. " Yeah, why?", Critic asked.

" You said his name before you blacked out.", Snob told Critic.

" Who is he?", Rob asked. " He's dead.", Critic mumbled.

" What happened to him?", Snob wondered. " I killed him.", Critic whispered.

The two were quiet for a second before Rob spoke. " Why did you kill him?", Rob asked.

" He was an angel who wanted to show me how my life is important, he saw his life without me and tried to kill me. So I killed him.", Critic explained. " Do you have any idea why you said he name?", Rob wondered.

" No, I haven't even thought about him until recently.", Critic sighed.

" Did anything trigger memories of him?", Snob wondered. " Well…there was…", Critic whispered but stopped.

Snob and Rob looked at Critic in confusion. ' You should tell them Critic, tell them what a mad man you are!', Mati shouted.

Critic knew Mati was right next to him, yelling his ear. He didn't want to speak at all, Mati was still whispering things to him. " Critic?", Rob questioned, worried.

Mati then clawed into Critic's back as Critic grew pale he felt the color leave his face as he fell back onto the bed. He heard Rob and Snob's concerned voices and Mati's laughter as he was consumed by darkness.

( End of Chapter 5!)
The next Chapter of Hiding the Pain!

Summary: When the Nostalgia Critic starts to have nightmares about Mati and his death. He begins to lose it slightly, and as Rob's worries grow along with the rest of the producers. Is it possible Critic will never be free of the nightmares?

Warning: Mentions of death, Blood, etc.
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This is such a gripping story. I eagerly anticipate chapter six.
GracefulWitch May 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, glad you like it.
Jyger85 May 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Creepier and creepier, curiouser and curiouser.
GracefulWitch May 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, glad you like it.
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