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May 1, 2012
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Hiding the Pain Chapter 3

Two weeks passed and for Rob things had seemed to return to normal. However for Critic, things only got worse. His nightmares got more intense, causing him to sleep less and lose focus. One day Critic was sitting on his bed trying to write his next review but no jokes were coming to him.

He struggled for two hours until he finally gave up. He tossed the script down on the floor and frowned at it. ' Team out of danger?', Ma-Ti's voice echoed through his brain.

Critic shook his head, trying to ignore the voices. At times Critic would hear faint echoes of Ma-Ti's voice ring into his ears. Critic figured it was because of the dreams and his ever growing paranoia.

He got up and debated to walk out of his room. Walking out meant possibly seeing Rob, and Rob would notice the change. Rob hadn't noticed yet because he was just busy doing his job and didn't have tons of time to pop in and check on Critic.

Critic decided not to leave, ignoring his hunger. That was another thing, Critic wasn't sure how to handle all of these feelings of depression or paranoia. So he decided to do what he was used to doing, hiding it from every single person.

He felt that to be the smoothest route and getting people involved would only slow them down. Critic didn't sleep, eat, or drink anything for the past two days. He just stayed up, sometimes pacing around the room. At one time he had slumped down and dozed off for a minute only be woken up with images of Ma-Ti haunting him.

Other than that, Critic stayed up and kept on whispering to himself. He had no idea what to do with himself any longer, the nightmares were destroying his mind. He placed his head in his hands and tried to drown out the on-going visions from his nightmares flashing into his mind. Ma-Ti hated him. Ma-Ti's death was Critic's fault.

The reviewers hated him. Film Brain finally took out his built up anger. Malachite killed him over and over again saying things to crush his soul. He snapped his head up at the sound of his cell phone ringing. He coughed and sighed, grabbing his phone. He didn't even bother  to look at the caller id.

" Hello?", Critic questioned. " Hey Critic!", Snob's voice boomed over the phone.

Critic's eyes widened in relief, it was only his friend The Cinema Snob. " Hey, what's up?", Critic asked.

" Well I'm heading to con near by your area and I was wondering if it was cool if I crashed at your place while there.", Snob explained.

" Um..Sure.", Critic replied. " Really?", Snob questioned.

" Yeah why not. Rob's been busy anyway.", Critic smiled slightly

. " Awesome. I'll be there in two days.", Snob told him. " Ok, I'll be expecting you.", Critic said.

" Bye.", Snob told him. " Bye.", Critic replied.

Critic hung up the phone and sighed. What did he just do?! He had told Snob he could stay at his place for a few days. Was he really dying to have someone over? Well at least it wasn't Sage, so why was Critic worried?

Critic decided to head downstairs and just tell Rob about Snob coming over. He looked for his old brother , finally finding him in his room on the phone with Holly dealing with some stuff with the site. Critic stood in his doorway, not willing to bother his phone call.

" No Holly I have no idea why the video went down! I called Bhargo and he's coming over.", Rob sighed.

Critic looked down, debating to leave to room and let Rob be. Rob then looked up, noticing the Critic. " Hold on Holly.", Rob sighed.

Rob removed the phone from his ear and Critic spoke. " Snob is coming down here to stay for a while, is it alright with you?", Critic asked.

" Sure, you don't have to ask me to have Snob over.", Rob laughed. " Ok.", Critic mumbled.

Rob smiled and got back on the phone. " Sorry about that Holly.", Rob told her.

Critic looked down and shuffled off, not wanting to pester Rob anymore. Rob finally finished his talk after two hours and the matter had been fixed. He took off his hat and groaned in exhaustion.

He then stopped and recalled his small talk with Critic earlier. His brother normally would've pestered him, but he just spoke quietly and acted very meek. Rob walked out of his room and walked to Critic's room.

He saw Critic was laying on his bed, snoring softly. Rob sighed and laughed a bit. Not wanting to disturb his brother's rest, he left the room and headed downstairs.

( In Critic's nightmare…..)

Critic was always being chased by something, dark walls, dark feelings. His dreams had changed over the past few weeks and now they were beginning to scare him. Critic was lost in a dark hallway, no lights and no way to see.

" Hello?", He yelled. He got no answer as he slowly walked forward.

He felt the wall and stopped when he felt something warm. He touched it again and then heard a loud hissing. The lights suddenly began to flicker randomly as Critic saw the wall was covered with blood and guts.

Critic screamed in fear, backing away and gasping for air. ' HATE!' A voice echoed.

Critic snapped his head up and gasped in fear. He backed away in fear, unable to run away. " NO! STOP IT! ROB HELP ME! ROB!", Critic shouted.

( End of Chapter 3!)
I have gotten Chapter 3 of Hiding the Pain up for you guys! :D

Summary: When the Nostalgia Critic starts to have nightmares about Mati and his death. He begins to lose it slightly, and as Rob's worries grow along with the rest of the producers. Is it possible Critic will never be free of the nightmares?

Warning: Blood, Mentions of death.
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MorganMeryl May 1, 2012   Digital Artist
"At least it wasn't Sage" I expect this to become a running gag ;-) Also, like what you've done with CA's flexible fourth wall.
GracefulWitch May 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks. Glad you like it.
Jyger85 May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice. I'm going to assume that within the context of the story, Bhargav and Ma-Ti are not the same person?
GracefulWitch May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Correct. They are not the same person. Plus it was established in Critic's reviews about that.
Jyger85 May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...It was?
GracefulWitch May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Surf Ninja's review.
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